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Self storage in Cape Town, South Africa is a more complex market than other areas in South Africa. One of the variables that most self storage users in Cape Town South Africa forget is that Cape Town has high humidity. There are dozens of other self-storage factors to consider, and multiple self-storage facilities in Cape Town to search through.

Self Storage Cape Town looks to bring you all of the latest news and developments on self-storage in South Africa. If you would like to find self storage in Cape Town, or anywhere in the country. is an easy to use platform, that helps you find your closest storage unit. Simply follow the links.

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Conventional self storage vs Portable self storage containers

What Is PODS  Self Storage ?

Portable storage containers have found their place in the moving and storage industry. Often referred to as pods (portable on demand storage), these containers can be deposited at a location for you to load with your contents. The pod can be used as temporary storage at your location or picked up and moved to a pod storage center. When you are ready to unpack your belongings, the pod will be delivered to you. This is where pods can enter into the cross country move process.

If there is a period of time between leaving one residence and moving into another, the pod can hold your items in storage until you are ready for delivery. The location your pod is delivered to for unloading can be anywhere in the country – well, almost anywhere.

Make Sure You Have Space For A Self Storage POD

If you live in a flat or complex for instance, you will be required to get permission in order to have the pod at your location for the day of loading or unloading. Don’t depend on the pod service to to get permission; check for yourself. Also, be sure to check if the pod service has any restrictions on which areas or zip codes they deliver to.

Often times, whether it is unloading a pod or a moving truck, complexes require that you get permission and post signs around the area where you will be loading or unloading your household items.

Different Sizes for Different Home Sizes

Most moving companies  have relocation cubes or small boxes that can fit roughly a studio apartment. Companies like rent a store  have larger containers that can fit entire homes. Portable storage containers are generally expensive if you are just moving. If your move requires storage (waiting on a house to close) then they become affordable.”

There are also Self Storage companies who will drop off a shipping container to your door for you to fill up and will drop it off when you have.

As always, be sure to check out a pod service the same as you would any other moving company. Look for great POD self storage companies at Storage Panda. A move across the country has plenty of stress factors attached to it. You want to make sure that your household contents are delivered to your new home in a safe and timely manner.

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